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I WILL come to your home. no equipment needed. 

Push-ups are one of the best workouts yo

Here are the top five benefits of working with a personal trainer who brings the workout to you.


1. Save time. When you hire an in-home personal trainer, you make the most of your time. There's no packing a bag of clothing and gear, no traveling to the gym, no searching for a parking spot. Your trainer arrives at the scheduled time, and you spend your alloted time working out. When time is tight, in-home personal training lets you spend more time getting fit and less time in transit. 


2. Privacy and comfort. An in-home personal training program lets you work out in the privacy and comfort of your own home. You control the temperature, the music, the cleanliness, and you get to exercise without an audience. Once the workout is done, you can take a shower in your own home instead of at the gym or driving home while being sweaty if there is no shower at your gym. 

At the end of a workout we can do some stretches and a muscle rub to help avoid soreness and help blood flow and speed up recovery, if needed.  

3. No equipment needed. In-home personal training typically focuses on exercise techniques that require little or no gear like human resistance training, your own body weight training, resistance bands, etc. Your trainer will bring all needed equipment like free weights, resistance bands, and other workout gear. 

If you prefer to walk, hike, swim or any other activities, please tell your trainer in advance

If you already own fitness equipment, your trainer can include it in your workouts. And if you don't have any gear, don't worry; your trainer will bring everything you need for a great workout. You'll learn to be fit anywhere: at home, at your office, in a hotel room, or anywhere else. 


4. Personal attention. In-home personal training gives you one-one-one attention from a trainer with no distractions. The personal training you get at a gym or rec center is often standardized and not exactly personal. When you hire an in-home personal trainer, you'll get a fitness program that is tailored just for you. It will work around your limitations and help you reach your fitness goals quickly and efficiently. 


5. Accountability. It's pretty easy to talk yourself out of a trip to the gym. But when the trainer shows up at your door, all your excuses are out the window. Your scheduled appointments will keep you on track toward your fitness goal, and your trainer will help keep you motivated to exercise.

In-home personal training isn't for everyone, but it may be for you! 

You can always start with one session to see if in-home training is for you. 

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