traditional & Functional training

If Super Slow® method training is not for you, no worries. 

Before I started to train my clients with the Super Slow® method I trained all my clients with the traditional way of training. 

Many of my clients are still doing the traditional training and are seeing amazing results shaping their bodies. It is a different technique, but still very effective when done safely. 

Sessions vary from 30 to 90 minutes depending how many muscle groups you want to train. This method takes longer than a Super Slow® session.

Full body workouts are typically 60 minutes with any of the following or a combination of: 

Cardio, Weight Strength Training, Resistance Bands, Human Resistance, Balancing and Core strengthening. 


If you add stretching to your sessions, we will need another 30 minutes which results in a 90 minutes session. 

In-home training or location training may also include going on a hike in your neighborhood, or if you have a pool, swimming or exercising in the pool. I am also open to other activities. 


The 90 minutes sessions are  my most requested in-home workouts.