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WORK OUT SMARTER, NOT HARDER with a SmartFlow-20™ or SuperSlow® Workout

Get ready to experience the fitness revolution: the SmartFlow-20™ workout. You might recognize it as SuperSlow®, Slow Burn®, Power of 10®, or Slow Motion Strength Training – no matter what you call it, it's your express pass to achieving your fitness goals in just 30 minutes. And here's the kicker – this is a proven method and injury-free strength training.


But wait, there's more. This isn't your typical sweat-inducing routine. No cardio needed during a SmartFlow-20™ session. Say goodbye to the treadmill monotony and sweaty gym clothes. We're talking about a smarter way to work out. Imagine controlled movements, deliberate reps that not only supercharge muscle strength and bone health but also help you shed those unwanted pounds and lose body fat.


And it gets even better. You're not just toning up; you're sculpting a body that's geared up to tackle whatever life throws your way. No more endless hours at the gym. SmartFlow-20™ is your secret weapon – effective, safe, and designed to make every minute count.


In a world where time is your most valuable asset, SmartFlow-20™ is the ultimate fitness solution. Whether you're a newbie in the fitness world or simply looking for a fresh approach, this is your opportunity to set aside just 30 minutes and transform your health and body. Get ready to dominate that workout and embrace a healthier, happier, stronger, leaner, and fitter you. Your journey to health and vitality starts now! 

SmartFlow-20™ explained: 


SmartFlow-20™ training, also known as SuperSlow® or Slow Motion Strength Training, is a form of resistance training that involves performing exercises with slow and controlled movements. 


The technique typically involves using a 10-second lifting phase and a 10-second lowering phase for each repetition. One set of 6-8 repetitions per exercise. It is a 30-minute workout without cardio and without sweating. 

SmartFlow-20™ is considered safe for several reasons: 

    1.    Reduced momentum: The slow and controlled movements minimize momentum, reducing the risk of injury that can occur from sudden or jerky motions.

    2.    Decreased joint stress: The slow tempo places less stress on the joints compared to traditional strength training methods, making it safer for individuals with joint issues or injuries.

    3.    Increased time under tension: The extended time spent on each repetition increases the muscular time under tension, which can lead to muscle growth and strength gains while minimizing the need for heavy weights.

    4.    Enhanced focus on form: The slow pace allows individuals to maintain better form and technique throughout the exercise, reducing the likelihood of compensatory movements that can strain muscles or joints. 

Here is some helpful information before we start our first workout:


Each exercise consists of 1 set of 6 to 8 reps and lasts between 2 and 2:40 minutes. During each workout, we will do about 7-8 compound exercises and I will rotate between 2-3 different workouts each time. This way, you will always have a full body workout each and every time. With SmartFlow-20™, same as with SuperSlow®, weights are raised slowly in 10 seconds and lowered in 10 seconds non-stop until the targeted muscles reach total momentary fatigue. Then, you will hold the weights for a few extra seconds before coming out of the exercise very slowly. This is why you will see results faster than with traditional strength training methods. Breathing is also important during a SmartFlow-20™ or SuperSlow® workout. You need to breathe non-stop through your mouth with your mouth slightly open at all times. As it gets harder to push the weights, you will switch to fast, short, and shallow breathing.

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