Personal trainer Michael


I have been a fitness trainer for over 15 years and have created many custom training programs and strategies to get amazing results for my clients not only physically but emotionally as well.

I have helped my clients with Fat Loss, Muscle Strength Training, Gain Lean Muscle Mass, Overall Health, Lifestyle with traditional training methods as well as the SuperSlow® protocol and/or Human Resistance Training at their homes or at my private training studio at 14340 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423. 

Why hire me? and why at my gym? My gym is very private and by appointment only with MedX equipment for the safest workouts. NO MEMBERSHIP FEES and I provide FREE RESERVED parking for all my clients while working out with me. 


I trained all kinds of people for all kinds of reasons, young and old, men and women. Most people want to get in better shape, get healthier, be happier, feel stronger, and look better. Actors getting ready for a role. Models for their upcoming photo shoot. Golfers to work on their swing, core and balance to improve their game. Fighters to get stronger. New moms to get back in shape. Women who want to lose some weight before getting pregnant. People who want to look great for their wedding or vacation. Executives who want to look better. Seniors who want to improve their health and strength, and people who just want to maintain their figure, strength and overall wellbeing.

Some clients prefer to be trained in the privacy of their home gymnasiums. Others prefer to work out in the fully equipped private training studio "Vitality Personal Training®" where I work from in Sherman Oaks.

I believe that a client performs best in an environment that feels comfortable and safe. That is why I give all of my clients the freedom to choose their workout location. I travel within 8 miles radius from Sherman Oaks, CA.

I am specialized in the SuperSlow® method, also referred to as Slow Burn®, Power of 10®, or Slow Motion® Strength Training and in body fat weight loss and strengthening  your muscles. If SuperSlow® isn't for you, I also train people the traditional way, your home or my gym.


People want to look better ... work out smarter, not harder ... get stronger and healthier ... and want to do this all injury free. I can help you reach these goals with a Super Slow® method workout. 



Specialized in strength training with the Super Slow® method, traditional method and human resistance.

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